Thursday, January 17, 2008

Caption Contest

Every once in a while you see a picture that earns undeserved attention for the subject of the picture. The picture below is on the front of USA Today, probably to the dismay of the lady in the center.

I feel badly for her because she is probably aghast at how she was captured by the photographer. But we will not let our silly, considerate feelings stand in the way of some fun. If she sees this she is welcome to enter the contest.

The challenge is to see who can come up with the funniest/most creative caption for this picture? The winner will be chosen by how hard I laugh. I'm actually saving another one just in case no one responds.

I'll even give you an example: "Obama eaten by supporter".

The people I know that have responded to this blog so far are very creative, so this could be good.

The winner gets a free one year subscription to this blog.

Good luck


Anonymous said...

"You are so cute I'm going to eat you alive" or "I come to steal , kill, and destroy!" I also think she looks like one of the people with the virus in I Am Legend. "Just wait till it is dark outside then I really will eat you up!" Love ya, Julie

Jeff said...

You're right and that kind of looks like Will Smith from behind, too.

Love you too

Robyn said...

"Up close and personal...female supporter wowed by enormity of Obama's ears"

Anonymous said...

"I can't clo ahee outh. Ahee yaw's locked in the ohen osition. So, how oo you ike ahee new ridgejerk?"

Translation: I can't close my mouth. My jaw's locked in the open position. So, how do you like my new bridgework?

Old Man in Florida